About Deveho Consulting Group

To transport from one place to another, to convey troops or legions…

“Deveho” is a Latin word meaning “to transport from one place to another, to convey troops or legions…”. It epitomises our goal of supporting our customers in their business development through the optimisation of their information and management systems.

Information and business management systems have a direct impact on a company’s growth. In a global economy, such systems enable companies to develop their activities in their national markets and at an international level.

Deveho Consulting Group’s mission is to support companies in their expansion by combining business and technological expertise with pragmatic and rigorous project management.

We have carefully selected our long-standing partners, and our staff are specialists in proven solutions. Today, with nearly 20 years of experience, we are a leading player with high-level expertise, a results-oriented culture, and the desire to deliver customer satisfaction.

Our team

Our carefully selected staff have excellent business knowledge and varied professional experience.

We bring together experience, skills and technical expertise.

We are an international company with a multicultural team and the ability to manage projects in highly international environments.