Olmix chooses Sage ERP X3 as a tool for its international development

Olmix group have chosen Deveho Consulting Group in order to help to deploy Sage X3 at international level. This ERP is crucial for them in their international strategy: with this multi legislation product they are able to assume their international developpement with one single solution.

« As a multi-lingual solution covering a number of different legislations, Sage X3 represents the perfect response to our international management requirements. »

Jean-Marie Bocher, International Director, OLMIX

Sage ERP X3, chosen for its international dimension 

Due to its international dimension and its knowledge of Sage solutions, already used by staff at the company’s head office
in Bréhan, Olmix was quick to opt for Sage ERP X3. “As a multilingual solution covering a number of different legislations, Sage ERPX3 represents the perfect response to our international management requirements,” explains Jean Marie Bocher. “What is more, in all the countries in which we are active, Sage is 

also present. This gave us the certainty we wanted concerning the effectiveness of deploying the solution at all our sites. Finally, the Sage system was the ideal solution for the specific management requirements involved in our production activities.” On 30 December 2010, the choice of Sage was confirmed 

and the rollout project was launched for the sites in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania (Group’s EUROPEAN scope), which account for 75% of the Group’s activity. 

Standardisation of procedures 

Olmix started by compiling an audit of the different working methods used at each site. The company then went on to define ways to organise and manage standardised processes and harmonise the various associated code structures. “We now all use the same procedures and the same codes. This accelerates, simplifies and guarantees the security of our reporting operations while also allowing our employees to work more efficiently,” continues Jean-Marie Bocher. Furthermore, for Olmix the strategic importance of being able to consolidate its results and financial data is all the greater, given that the company is traded on the secondary market. 

A clearer view of stock levels 

Due to the nature of its activity, Olmix stores large volumes of raw materials, such as copper, that are often imported. While some of these raw materials and Olmix products are stored
at the factories, others may be in transit on-board ships or in lorries. “Sage X3 gives us an optimised, real-time view of
all our stocks, whether they are located in France or abroad,” emphasises Jean Marie Bocher. “What is more, with this ERP system, we are now able to monitor all our production indicators precisely.”
Olmix has also interfaced Sage ERP X3 with its sector-specific software products such as its “labeller” and automated production system. “In this way, we have been able to automate our entire production chain and consequently enhance the precision and efficiency of our operations,” continues Jean Marie Bocher. 

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