DEVEHO Consulting Poland, 6 months later

What’s new in DEVEHO Consulting Poland?

We take stock of the situation.

DEVEHO Consulting Group opened its Polish subsidiary just over 6 months ago. Indeed, DEVEHO Consulting Poland was born in October 2019 in the beautiful city of Warsaw.

Thanks to the local manager, who is himself of Polish origin, DEVEHO Consulting Poland is able to support companies in the best possible way in their digitalization. With a unique approach of “glocalization”, of a double activity of integrator and editor of legislations, of the 20 years of experience of the Group, DEVEHO Consulting Poland offers a powerful global solution and specially adapted to the local tax constraints of SMEs, mid-market enterprises and subsidiaries of major groups established in Poland.

Because Polish tax requirements are specific and evolve very dynamically, it is essential for companies to be supported while respecting these developments.

DEVEHO was able to start and take charge of its first Sage X3 implementation project a few months ago. The first of a beautiful series …

Successful gamble for DEVEHO!

DEVEHO in Poland with its subsidary

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