What are your objectives by business area ?

Company managers

Your objectives

Win new customers
Reduce operating costs

Benefits of ERP software

The ease with which employees can access and use information determines, to a great extent, a company’s ability to win new customers and develop a profitable business.

Selection criteria

A redesigned user experience

Operations managers

Your objectives

Manage and optimise logistical and industrial flows
Ensure high-quality customer service
Adapt and optimise demand planning
Control operational margin and operating costs

Benefits of ERP software

360° visibility
Real-time performance indicators
Replenishment and supply chain tools
Real-time tracking of operational flows

Selection criteria

End-to-end management of financial and operational aspects
User-defined dashboards
Decision-making tools
Inventory management

Financial managers

Your objectives

Harmonise processes

Benefits of ERP software

Management of information transfer and reports
Control and management of risks
Support for growth and international operations
Smart data for analysis and audits

Selection criteria


Information system managers

Your objectives

Support innovation
Improve IT security
Reduce overall IT costs
Improve the end-user experience

Benefits of ERP software

Flexibility in functional terms (wide range of features, features on demand) and in technical terms (scalability).
Mature and robust solution
A quick implementation toolkit with predefined elements based on best practices

Selection criteria

Platform with N-tier architecture
Open technology
Web services
LDAP password policy
Predefined elements based on roles
Comprehensive implementation kit
Integration tools
Web 2.0 portal
Standard web application

Information that is easier to access and interpret helps to generate business growth.

Companies with more useful data develop 35% faster than other companies.

The ease with which employees can access and share the information that they require determines, to a great extent, a company’s ability to win new customers and develop a profitable business.

Various studies have shown that improvements in terms of data quality, ease of interpretation and accessibility, and in decision-making, have a positive impact on financial results. Indeed, a high-performing company can increase its year-on-year incremental revenue by 35% more than a low-performing company. For a typical mid-market business, this can amount to $10 million in annual sales revenue after just seven years.



Adapted to suit your sector and business



Real-time visibility
Fast collaboration



Easy to manage,
approve and use



Extendible scope