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When implementing an export strategy, the following points must be taken into consideration:

  • In which countries do you already have subsidiaries and to which countries do you plan to expand?
  • What is the market situation in your target countries?
  • What is the situation regarding local competition?
  • Which languages are required?
  • What is the situation regarding relevant local legislation?
  • What organisational and legal structure is required in order to develop?
  • How independent are the foreign sites to be?
  • What reporting structures are planned?
  • What cultural differences should be anticipated, in terms of working culture, work behaviour, quality awareness, management style, and ethical and moral values?
  • Which processes must be managed at a global or group level, and which can be managed at each local site?

Other large-scale ERP solutions, which meet international business requirements, are cumbersome and costly.

These solutions were designed for large corporate groups and are therefore not suited to use by mid-sized companies. When selecting a software package, it is important to ensure that it provides an appropriate response to the requirements in question.

  • An ERP solution should be modular, or available in various versions, so that all requirements can be met accurately, while retaining the potential for scalability.
  • The provider’s core clientele should be made up of businesses of a comparable size, with solid experience of international deployment within a multicultural context.
  • Implementation must be quick and easy. If necessary, the service provider must also provide a dedicated methodology.
  • The software already contains pre-configured standard processes. Processes can be adjusted quickly and on an individual basis.
  • The operating concept must be simple and easy to use, and must facilitate users’ tasks.
  • The provider should place as much importance on service and maintenance as on the software.

International ERP solutions intended for mid-sized companies must, as a minimum, comply with the following criteria and functions.

  • Be multilingualTake into consideration local fiscal requirements and regulatory constraints
  • Offer the possibility of managing a multi-company environment for consolidation purposes
  • Provide an overview of global sales
  • Automate standard processes and workflows
  • Modern technological concept

DEVEHO Consulting Group is your key partner to support your international growth.

With our multicultural team and our ability to manage projects within a highly international context (ten different nationalities, +12 languages are spoken), DEVEHO Consulting Group is your key partner to support your international growth.

Regulatory expertise and export support

DEVEHO Consulting Group’s mission is to support companies in their expansion by combining business and technological skills with pragmatic and rigorous project management. Our knowledge of international taxation and regulatory issues is a guarantee of success for your international development.