Our services

Project methodologies

We have a well established project methodology with a deterministic approach to project planning, the organisation of each phase, and the role and involvement of each person involved in the project. The success of an implementation project is, to a great extent, dependent on the determination of those involved in the project to use the solution offered, rather than seeking to design another, while complying with and applying an implementation framework that is strict yet suited to the context and objectives.

We offer appropriate, progressive and scalable solutions, as follows.

  • In the first instance, implement all of the management functions required to harmonise the principal processes.
  • Secondly, optimise these processes, with a constant view to performance, in both operational and management terms.

To achieve successful implementation within a reasonable lead time and with the aim of using and operating the solution in or close to its standard configuration, our methodologies are based on the following principles:

  • Use the standard set-up to deploy the solution for flows and the main management functions.
  • Adapt the system based on business rules specific to your needs.
  • Customise the solution for strategic functions.
  • Employ the solution in a manner suited to your business functions.
  • Ensure that you take ownership of the solution and can deliver it to end users.

Our capabilities

With more than 15 years of experience in Sage Business Cloud X3, our focus areas cover all aspects of implementing the solution.

  • Installation
  • Functional and technical set-up of Sage X3 modules (purchasing and sales, finance and localisation management, supply chain, stock and WMS, production, project and service management, CRM, BI)
  • Interfaces
  • Specific enhancements
  • Crystal Reports development
  • Data migration
  • Upgrades
  • Functional and technical training – knowledge transfer
  • Preparation of instruction manuals (user guides per module)
  • Project management

Support and optimisation

After the project goes live, we provide operational services in the following areas.

  • User support, operating issues, system support, additional configuration, enhancement requests, additional training, ad-hoc operational support.
  • High-quality support and application maintenance outsourcing (AMO)
  • A team dedicated to AMO on Sage X3
  • A technical team dedicated to Sage X3
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Our resources

  • An experienced team of functional and technical consultants
  • A support team of functional and technical consultants with extensive experience of Sage X3, providing support across all of our software packages and modules (finance, negotiations, computer-aided production management, fixed assets, HR payroll, reporting, development, etc.)
  • Permanent system support to respond to your problems and requirements (capable of covering multiple platforms and databases)
  • Single entry point via an Internet portal, daily dialogue tool managed by the Deveho team
  • A support team supervised by a manager responsible for ensuring the quality of our services and customer satisfaction
  • A rigorous methodology for recording, tracking and processing requests through to resolution
  • A portal reserved exclusively for contracted customers, offering access to online entry and tracking of requests

Our commitment

Ensuring a quality service through the expertise of our employees.

  • Attentiveness and customised professional advice through collaboration with our customers
  • A quick, efficient and secure response via remote maintenance
  • Excellent responsiveness, including a specific management process for emergencies and an escalation procedure
  • Direct access to Sage support in the event of a critical problem
  • A high level of traceability of interaction, with acknowledgement receipts sent systematically and notes made describing the content of action taken.
  • Preventive, corrective and scalable maintenance services, as required.
Ipad suivi organisation

Our organisation

  • A dedicated portal for our customers’ requests
  • Continuous supervision by a coordinator to ensure that requests are recorded, allocated and managed, with constant tracking of the said requests and associated interaction
  • Acknowledgement of receipt sent promptly for each new request
  • Descriptions of intervention content sent regularly to provide information on the progress of requests and services performed
  • A support manager responsible for organisational compliance is at customers’ service.
  • General and customised tracking for each customer provided by a single sales contact.