The Brexit agreements will lead to the re-establishment of EU-UK borders


On the 1st of January 2021, the United Kingdom formally withdrew from the European customs union, resulting in the re-establishment of borders and consequently customs formalities.

To face the increase of formalities, the French customs and Eurotunnel have implemented an innovative technological solution. Based on the principle of automation this intelligent border will allow for greater efficiency by nullifying the additional workload/charge and thus avoiding the saturation of infrastructure. This innovative border is based on three principles:

– Anticipation

Preparation of customs formalities using digital tools prior to arriving at the checkpoint


Complete traceability of incoming and outgoing flows. This will be possible thanks to Vehicle’s licence plate and the customs formality of the goods transported.


The automation and removal of document controls will be done through the use of advanced technologies.

To help companies anticipate their formalities, information, guides and FAQs are available on the site, in French and English, as well as useful contacts.

Moreover, the port of Cherbourg (Channel) has become one of the most coveted ports in France. Its freight traffic has tripled since Brexit came into force on 1 January. Providers of long-haul road transportation prefer to bypass England by sea to deliver to Ireland, thus avoiding the formalities involved in entering British territory.

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