Cloud: Modern way of thinking about ERP systems

Peter Dinaj, Sales Manager of DEVEHO Consulting Group, the gold partner of SAGE X3 ERP internationally and locally, shares his ideas and thoughts about the cloud. The ideal modern platform for easy and satisfying ERP implementations which allows you to address and confront challenges whilst achieving your objectives in this evolving, and forever transforming digital era.

Business of current ERP with new trends like Cloud, what is your point of view?

It’s a challenge, not only for us as a service software provider, but it is also a challenge for most of the companies we support. Finding the effort and the main benefits of such a change is not easily done. According to a recent Gartner study, the worldwide evolution of the cloud is planned to increase 58% from 2018 to 2022. This confirms that it is more than just a trend that companies have to think about carefully. Our aim is to advise on the best solution which will help to support their growth while keeping competitive advantages.

Being a Sage worldwide partner represents a great opportunity for us to propose one of the most comprehensive ERP solutions on the market. A solution that adapts to any new challenges, such as the Cloud. Today, the Sage X3 ERP solution is available on full cloud (hosting platform) and provides complete benefits with a wide range of functionalities. Let’s face it, the Cloud is here now and it offers additional technologies which were previously difficult to use. For companies within the production industry, the cloud is a way to open up the bravest ideas of the past which previously were unattainable due to the limited technology. It was just collecting data, not evaluating it in the cloud. For example, through EDGE cloud layers, it is much easier to work with data and faster data processing.

Our customers understand that with the cloud and technologies that support automation, the resources that generate these solutions will appear. Not only financially but across the business, thus facilitating expansion or other business intent.

For all companies, it is essential to know the differences that the cloud offers and what happens when one keeps the standard solution. What they will miss? At DEVEHO Consulting Group, we share our expertise with all of our customers.

What are the reasons for moving a business to the cloud?

There are many benefits. Compared to standard implementations, it is much faster, more flexible, and has many advantages. At the same time, from a cost perspective, we are talking about software as a service (SaaS) thus removing the need to invest in infrastructure as well as licensing policy and services.

We often hear that the customer does not believe in security in the cloud. Naturally, we explain the biggest differences in security over standard solutions.

Everything is individual and each case is different. From the point of view of security, operating costs, speed of work in ERP, and the nature of the business of the company. That is why we are here for our partners and our goal is to grow with them.


How is the global and Slovak approach to the cloud?

A few years ago, the cloud was not as widespread as it is now and it was not fully accepted as a real platform. This change in mentality took time, starting initially in the US and then globally from there. Cloud has since become a bit of a magical word. In truth, it can cover various functionalities depending on the client’s needs. First of all, we have to realise that public cloud is not the same as dedicated cloud for one client only. Second of all, we need to understand that cloud is not the cure for everything. For example, the client’s security needs; in order to protect data, comply with regulations and so on, often additional platforms/systems are required. Therefore, we at DEVEHO Consulting Group pride ourselves on going further and understanding the client’s needs (for example its security needs) to then incorporate them in to the ERP criteria.

The other difference is related to the local conditions, some countries are not as open to accepting new technologies and prefer to keep their traditional setup. For example, both Northern and Eastern Europe are more willing to accept new technologies and approaches. The location of the cloud is also important, whether it be in the EU, the US or in Asia. The local regulations can have impacts on the privacy of data. In DEVEHO Consulting Group, we take care to have our cloud-based solution follow the correct regulations as per our customers’ expectations and needs. The European companies prefer to work under EU data centres, this is also a factor that gives our clients confidence in us and our Cloud partner. In general, the impact of cloud is increasing and the statistics back this up. For example, shows that more than 64 % of new IT solutions are set up in the mind of the clients, for cloud. In Europe, in Slovakia …globally.

In DEVEHO Consulting Group we are proud to be part of this and help our customers with our experiences, expertise and ideas.

Questions like, who will manage our IT? Do we have the right professionals for it? Can we handle the processes and ERP infrastructure ourselves?

It seems that with cloud and our knowledge, we have an even more complete solution now. It allows us in DEVEHO not only to help customers to experience a smooth implementation, but also to focus more on their real need for growth with a new solution, and that is the most important element for both sides. Now our client can focus their efforts on their own business and leave us to leverage their new system for them. In DEVEHO, we understand this point, we help, we solve, we manage.

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