Business intelligence & decision-making

Business activities generate large volumes of information. In the current commercial climate, the quality and speed of delivery of information affect more than just the difference between profit and loss: it is a question of survival.

Business intelligence enables you to:

  • Bring your business into line, based on a coherent set of key performance indicators and measurements.
  • Make decisions more quickly.
  • Simplify the graphical presentation of indicators.
  • Present reliable information in a uniform manner.
  • Accelerate the collection and distribution of information though automation.

With Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Intelligence, benefit from the strategic information that you need, when you need it.

The built-in business intelligence functions enable an accurate evaluation of business trends, risks and performance in real-time, for informed and faster decision-making.

There is no need for additional software: with its built-in database and powerful dashboard tools, Enterprise Intelligence puts business intelligence within the reach of every employee.

  • Comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use analysis functions, with self-service access, for fully autonomous managers.
  • The intuitive Enterprise Intelligence (Sage X3) user interface provides easy, quick and secure access to company data.
  • Users can thus access and analyse company data in a self-sufficient manner. The result is better visibility of activities, faster notification of important changes, and an average reduction of 20% in the time taken to make decisions.
  • Enterprise Intelligence (Sage X3) eliminates the need for other disparate tools and does not require specialised skills. It is fast to deploy and administer, and uses technology that you already possess.
Sage x3 Rapide

Real-time visibility, improved collaboration and operational performance

The need for companies to have immediate access to critical business information has never been so great.

Enterprise Intelligence (Sage X3) uses the central Sage Business Cloud database. Accordingly, it offers users a consistent real-time overview of company data, allowing for easier decision-making and ensuring continuous cross-disciplinary improvements. In addition, its sharing and alert functions ensure that managers have access to consistent, up-to-date information that plays a significant role in improving supply chain performance, resolving quality issues, improving marketing decisions, and developing a faster, larger sales pipeline.

Data security

The tight and secure integration of Enterprise Intelligence (Sage X3) with Sage Business Cloud ensures the reliability of critical business information. Enterprise Intelligence (Sage X3) makes optimal use of existing standard database security to ensure the protection and integrity of company data. The solution also offers powerful security features, making it possible to add field-level controls to existing data.