FRP: Sage X3 Finance

Sage X3 Finance covers the principal accounting and financial flows (general accounting, accounts payable and receivable, cost accounting and budgetary aspects, commitments, assets management, etc.) with built-in functionalities for inter-company flows and reporting. Its flexible accounting structure (multiple charts of accounts) provides a broad vision in real time. Its international dimension, taking into account the legislation of multiple countries, ensures compliance with local fiscal requirements.

  • Regulatory compliance, traceability of data, flows and processes.
  • Efficiency gains through automation of flows, end-to-end management of processes and enhanced collaboration between entities and services.
  • Greater control through a built-in business intelligence platform.
  • Automation of accounting tasks to generate productivity gains, thus enabling the Financial Department to achieve its core purpose of coordinating the company’s financial management.

The solution is a comprehensive, integrated, specialist and modular solution dedicated to financial and administrative management. Sage X3 Finance incorporates the various aspects of your business, offering ease of use and great flexibility so as to maximise your efficiency.

Sage X3 Finance gives your company a real advantage and automates all of your internal processes using a common financial database, ensuring the consistency and quality of data.

Sage X3 Finance meets your needs in terms of:

  • General accounting and multiple charts of accounts
  • Auxiliary accounting and accounts receivable and payable
  • Treasury and cash-flow management
  • Integration of bank flows
  • Management of operational budgets and cost accounting
  • Integration of purchasing and expenditure flows
  • Commitment management
  • Fixed asset management
  • Management of budgetary accounting and commitments
International FRP

Benefits of Financial Management (formerly Sage X3)

Sage X3 Finance provides an overview of your company’s performance, at a local, national or international level.

Sage X3 Finance incorporates business intelligence functions as well as advanced performance indicators to help you in your decision-making.

Sage X3 Finance provides you with the necessary tools for full control and management of risks within your company, thus offering control over all of your activities.

Sage X3 Finance is available in 60 countries and provides reports compliant with the national legislation of each, thus enabling you to ensure compliance with local legal requirements. Financial Management (formerly Sage X3) also offers an interface available in a number of languages, for international use, so that operators can use the software in their mother tongue. The fact that the system is multilingual results in faster assimilation on the part of users and reduces potential resistance.

The modular structure of Sage X3 Finance not only enables you to make savings on your IT budget, but also to react quickly in situations such as changing market conditions.