Paperless and mobile solutions

Optimise and secure your document- and data-sharing with partners, to improve efficiency and thus achieve savings.

Faced with growing volumes of data, the transition to paperless methods is a major concern for companies.

Over and above merely creating electronic documents, going paperless now offers the potential to optimise data sharing and processes, in a world where digital means are the principal vector for information and communication. Thus, orders, quotations, invoices and other documents are produced electronically, making it easier to share, view and store them.

Using standard connections to the principal market solutions, Sage Business Cloud X3 offers the option of an effective and secure built-in electronic document management system (EDMS).

All of your documents are linked in the corresponding functions of Sage X3, thus eliminating problems relating to duplicates and different versions, while optimising cross-disciplinary processes between the various departments within your company.

Simplified document life cycle management

Our automated document and character recognition solutions make it possible to scan documents and automatically generate transactions in Sage X3. Thus, by scanning a supplier invoice, the same invoice is automatically generated in Sage X3 without any need for data entry.

Going paperless is an opportunity for your company to improve all of its internal and external processes.

  • It optimises your organisation and streamlines your business processes, while incorporating traceability of exchanges and tracking of actions.
  • The reliability of your data is improved, through the avoidance of data entry errors.
  • Your relationships with partners are improved and made more secure through the use of electronic signatures, ensuring the integrity of your documents.
  • The productivity gains generated by going paperless provide a real return on investment (printing costs, postage expenses, etc.).
  • Finally, the native mobility of Sage X3 makes it possible for you to view active and archived documents at all times.

Achieve greater agility and efficiency using mobile applications, and rise to the competitive challenge.

The need for mobile applications in business is gradually becoming more prevalent, with the development of new usages. Today, staff use their smartphones as a matter of course and continual connectivity is becoming the new way of working. Information is shared in real time and available even from outside the company. With their user-friendly touchscreen interfaces, mobile tools and applications are easy to use and thus enable non-specialist new users of the management system to gain access.

Based on first-of-a-kind web services technology, the Sage X3 solution operates seamlessly and securely via web browsers and on mobile devices, providing optimum performance regardless of your location.

With Sage X3, all users benefit from secure access, from any browser or mobile device, to all of the data and functions in the system, regardless of their location and on a range of widely-used terminals. The HTML5 interface ensures an intuitive browsing experience and allows for easy personalisation by users.

Sage X3 : real-time access – anytime, anywhere

Provide a better customer experience by ensuring that, wherever they are, your staff can access accurate customer and product information.
Reduce the time required to place orders and make calls to accounting and the warehouse, by providing real-time data to sales teams in the field.