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Digitalise your business processes with AGELIENCE


Digitalise your business processes with AGELIENCE

Deveho Consulting Group has chosen AGELIENCE, a specialist in the dematerialisation of business processes, as a partner to help its customers digitise and automate their document flows.

A wide range of use cases for digitisation

AGELIENCE‘s document management solutions (EDM, ECM, supplier and customer invoice management) complement ERP systems and integrate perfectly with your information system.

AGELIENCE offers a wide range of solutions to meet your information and document processing needs:

  • E-invoice management (purchasing, sales);
  • Internal signature and approval loops;
  • Sharing documents internally and/or with your customers and suppliers;
  • Quality document repository management;
  • QMS (Quality Management System);
  • QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment);
  • HR onboarding process;
  • Management of project processes and documents, commercial contracts, etc.);
  • Filing of documents and information structured by metadata and archiving of documents.

Support for the entire value chain

As an expert in document management and integrator of M-Files, Yooz and Youdoc solutions, AGELIENCE can advise you on your choices and the implementation of best practices, offer an audit service if you wish to receive recommendations for your digitisation, and help you integrate of your solution.

The benefits of dematerialisation

Dematerialisation offers you with a high degree of complementarity with your existing information systems: ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc., and the solutions offered by AGELIENCE guarantee a high degree of interoperability:

  • No more redundant data entry!
  • Centralisation and structuring of the document base, regardless the source of the information (ERP, HRIS, etc.) – without licensing the source tool;
  • Structure and centralise information to make it easy to find and retrieve!
  • Guaranteed regulatory compliance for certified companies;
  • Monitor processes with great agility.

Structuring business processes

Every company needs to be able to materialise and control its internal processes without having to send emails, which are often the source of interrupted flows and interrupted or poorly documented processes (problems with versions, missing information, etc.).

AGELIENCE‘s solutions have robust, integrated workflow engines that are highly configurable, making them easier to use and ensuring a high level of traceability.

Les différentes offres de Agelience

Who is it for?

Whether you are a CIO, CFO, Accounting Manager, Project Manager, Quality Manager, QHSE Manager, HR Manager, etc., you will always benefit from digitisation, whether economic reasons (time savings), environmental reasons (reducing your carbon footprint) or regulatory reasons (compliance and CSR).

With our document management solutions, you’ll benefit many ways – You’ll …

  • Reduce your validation cycle times;
  • Put an end to the endless duplication of the same document by email;
  • Drastically reduce paper consumption;
  • Stop confusion between different versions of the same document;
  • Find all your documents easily;
  • Ensure that stakeholders are aware of new procedures;
  • Collaborate effectively;
  • Guarantee the authenticity of a document.

Les bénéficiaires de Agelience

Some examples of use cases

Let’s take the specific example of the dematerialisation of supplier invoices. Thanks to our business solutions, you’ll finally be able to :

  • Automatically retrieve the content of invoices received by email and/or post, and soon the PPF (Public Billing Portal);
  • Store these invoices, guaranteeing their evidential value;
  • Extract the key information they contain using an AI engine;
  • Automatically check the authenticity of the data and perform anti-fraud tests;
  • Efficiently validate their follow-up thanks to a customised workflow from receipt to payment;
  • Reconcile and integrate their content with ERP data without re-keying.

In the case of the Quality Management System (QMS), you will find many advantages in structuring the information in order to:

  • Qualify your non-conformities (internal, customer complaints, supplier complaints, deviations, etc.);
  • Track your CAPAs (corrective and preventive actions);
  • Schedule your audit plans and monitor the resulting actions;
  • Better assess your risks.

If you have identified a need in your organisation or would like to find out more, please contact us.