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10 years Deveho Anniversary in Slovakia

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10 years Deveho Anniversary in Slovakia

?10 Years Company Anniversary in Slovakia?

The Deveho adventure started at Lyon in France and has developed over the years internationally.
We were pleased to open our office in 2012 in Brastislav, in Slovakia.

What about DEVEHO Slovakia in 2022?

DEVEHO Slovakia in 2022 finds the new path and dedication, within our traditional markets but furthermore explore new horizons.

We are happy and gradually continue to work with French Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. Our main goal was to continue our collaboration with companies and partners in our region.

Year 2022 was also the challenge of DEVEHO to be presence in Baltics regions. Meeting our new prospects and partners, was a major part of our 2022 year activities and from this perspective Deveho became very know in Central and Eastern Europe.

Today we covered different markets as Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Lithuania and Latvia. What a journey and more expect to come in 2023.

Major Events in 2022:
• Industry 4.0 fair in Brno, Czech Republic.
• MSV Brno Engineering World Wide fair 2022, with FCOK and presence of DEVEHO to world auditorium.
• DEVEHO Became CEE, as overwhelming and acknowledging with SAGE presence in Baltcis region.

And so much more activities, as B2B planned events, Speed Business activities, direct approach for markets and big campaign in Czech Republic and Slovakia for introducing DEVEHO to potential partners form segments of industry and services.

Deveho is above all about you

This year Deveho Consulting Group celebrated the 10th anniversary of their office in Slovakia!

Wishing to all of us many years of success and innovations. We would like to warmly thank you, for all these years and the years to come.

First of all, we would like to thank all of our local employees for your hard work over the years and bringing their expertise and experience to our customers. Thanks to Deveho team from Slovakia, Czech Republik, Hungary, Poland and Latvia.

We would like to thank once again the French-Slovak Chamber of Commerce for attending this event.

Finally, we want to thank our customers for their presence and for your continued trust and your commitment to our collective success: Phoenix Services, LLC , MEGABIT Services s.r.o., SYNTEX S.AHubert VIEILLARD-BARON of EGIS EASYTRIP SERVICES, Easytrip Transport Services MazarsGMD Stamping (Groupe GMD) Motokom Slovakia, Tatra banka and TFC Cable Assemblies.

Together, let’s boost your growth!


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