Integrator & Editor
of Sage Software Solutions

Our general positioning

Our general positioning

“Deveho” is a Latin word meaning “to transport from one place to another, to convey troops or legions…”. It epitomises our goal of supporting our customers in their business development through the optimisation of their information and management systems.

Information and business management systems have a direct impact on a company’s growth. In a global economy, such systems enable companies to develop their activities in their national markets and at an international level. Deveho Consulting Group’s mission is to support companies in their expansion by combining business and technological expertise with pragmatic and rigorous project management.

We have carefully selected our long-standing partners, and our staff are specialists in proven solutions. Today, with nearly 20 years of experience, we are a leading player with high-level expertise, a results-oriented culture, and the desire to deliver excellent customer service and ensure customer satisfaction.

Deveho in figures

20 Years in implementation of SAGE X3
7 localisation add-ons
€ 10M Turnover in 2022
18+ Nationalities and spoken languages within the team
180+ Customers
2,5K+ Users
90+ People in the team
1 Of the prime SAGE X3 value added editors

Our values

SAGE Business solution Expertise

At DEVEHO, we make them readily adaptable to meet your ever-changing future needs. We can identify the right technology solutions for you and pair it with value-added services to help you achieve competitive advantages by enhancing operational efficiencies, increasing productivity, realising greater profitability and help you with international deployments.


Our employees are the strength of our company. The loyalty of our teams ensures long-term proximity to our clients as well as the enrichment of our know-how through accumulated experience. We want our company to be a place of rich and fulfilling encounters for everyone, clients and employees, around unifying projects such as information system changes.


Our culture of results and commitments. Each project is unique and warrants a specific approach. Beyond traditional project management methodologies, it is our ability to offer tailor-made solutions and innovative approaches that are the key to our success.


DEVEHO Consulting Group provides you with the means to improve business strategy through integrated ERP solutions in total alignment with your unique needs and specific business requirements.
Our pragmatic approach to service, oriented towards customer satisfaction, our humility and our ability to listen are aimed at serenely accompanying change.

We are an international company with a multicultural team and the ability to manage projects in highly international environments.

Our team includes 18 different nationalities and, between them, speak 18 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Romanian, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Chinese and Swedish).

Social responsibility

Deveho Consulting Group has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that is an integral part of our commitments and annual action plans. To achieve this ambition, we focus on 3 priority lines of action.

Respect of the environment

Deveho Consulting Group is involved on a daily basis to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment. Our head office, based in Lyon, is located in a building with HQE® certification and BBC certification. All our offices are equipped with motion detectors, in order to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible. Only our accounting department has a printer and all documents are printed in black and white. The rest of our team works exclusively with EDM.

Inclusion and diversity

Deveho takes special care of each of its employees by :

  • Preserving the health and safety of its employees
  • Promoting diversity
  • Fighting against discrimination
  • Facilitating the professional integration of young people through internships, work-study programs and also permanent contracts.
  • Encouraging the development of our employees
Economic responsibility by focusing on partnerships with our customers

We want our company to be a place of rich and fulfilling encounters for everyone: clients and employees around the unifying project that is information systems. To achieve this, we take particular care to respond to the needs of each of our customers by proposing appropriate and sustainable solutions. As our customers are at the center of our ambitions, we are determined to maintain a solid, long-term partnership in complete confidence and transparency.

As we attach particular importance to the satisfaction of our customers, we propose each year a satisfaction questionnaire in order to better understand the expectations of our customers and to be able to satisfy them as well as possible.

In addition, we organise numerous events on a regular basis to engage our customers, ensure their satisfaction and obtain their feedback.

Our offices

With offices in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, DEVEHO Consulting Group’s goal is to support you in your local and international development projects as a long-term partner.