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Deveho Consulting Group has been providing Trainings in management solutions to its customers for over 14 years. By choosing Deveho Consulting Group as your partner for upskilling your employees, you can be sure of receiving a high-quality service and working with competent, qualified professionals.

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Deveho Consulting Group

Deveho will support you in the development of your projects with Sage solutions and provide you with qualified trainings.

  • To ensure you get the best user experience, we offer customised trainings. As part of our commitment to delivering a quality customer experience, we strive to provide you with training tailored to your needs and the profiles of your employees.
  • Deveho Consulting Group has an experienced team of trainers who are professionals in the sector and have in-depth expertise in their field. Our experts use interactive methods to ensure that course participants are engaged and learn effectively. All our courses are tailored to the needs and profile of the customer.
  • Our trainers are familiar with handicap needs. We examine all disability requirements on a case-by-case basis to ensure that they can be integrated into the training program. If you have any questions attend the training with disabilities issue, please contact our referent for distability needs on 04 78 02 71 72 or by email at info@deveho.com.

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Our team of expert trainers covers a wide range of training topics. Find the training that's right for you!

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Our financial trainers are qualified consultants and experts in their field. Discover our Finance courses: 

  • Accounting structure – Fundamentals
  • Fixed Assets – Fundamentals
  • Analytical and Budgetary Accounting – Advanced level
  • Accounts Receivable – Advanced level
  • Accounts Payable – Advanced level
  • Third Party Accounting – Advanced level
  • Sage X3 Ergonomics – Advanced level
  • Processing Statements – Advanced level
  • General Accounting – Expert level
  • Dashboards – Expert level
Distribution & Trade
  • Purchasing – Fundamentals
  • Purchasing and reception – Fundamentals
  • Ergonomics X3 – Fundamentals
  • Stock – Fundamentals
  • Sales – Fundamentals
  • Sales quotation management – Fundamentals
  • Sales – Advanced level
  • Purchasing Management Administration – Advanced level
  • Purchasing – Advanced level
  • Preparation and delivery – Advanced level
  • Purchasing overheads – Advanced level
  • Purchase accounting – Advanced level
  • Contract sales accounting – Advanced level
  • Covering a sale – Advanced level
  • Quote creation – Advanced level
  • Counter-mark purchasing – Expert level
  • Contract Purchase Renewal – Expert level
  • Inter sites and companies – Expert level
  • Service delivery – Expert level
  • Loan Tools – Expert level

Our training courses in the production sector are aimed at people with a functional and technical command of Sage X3 (link between Sage X3 & SEI).

  • Production – Fundamentals
  • Workshop monitoring – Expert level
Sage Enterprise Intelligence : SEI
  • SEI – Sage Enterprise Intelligence – Fundamentals
  • SEI – OLAP – Advanced level
Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence software package that allows you to create a wide range of reports from your computer data.

Our Crystal Reports training courses are designed for anyone who is likely to use Crystal Reports.

  • Crystal Reports – Fundamentals
  • Crystal Reports – Advanced level

Trainings in number

At Deveho we collect feedback on the satisfaction of our training courses. We are constantly improving them. (Information last updated on 30/06/2023).
At Deveho, we helped many companies and organisations to improve their skills and efficiency thanks to our training courses and qualified trainers.



of satisfied trainees

taux de réussite aux évaluations

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What is Qualiopi certification?

Qualiopi certification

Qualiopi certification attests the implementation of a quality approach aligned with the national quality benchmark for training organisations. It guarantees our customers to receive training that is eligible for public or mutualised funding, reducing costs for companies and organisations. At Deveho, we are proud to be Qualiopi certified, which is also a guarantee of the quality of our teaching.

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Who is concerned?
  • From 1 January 2022, “Qualiopi” quality certification will be compulsory for all providers of skills development initiatives wishing to access public and mutualised funds.
  • The Qualiopi mark therefore applies to all service providers, including independent trainers, delivering training courses:

    • training ;
    • skills assessments ;
    • allowing the validation of acquired experience ;
    • apprenticeship training.
Who issues the mark?

The “Qualiopi” mark is issued by certification organisations accredited or authorised by the French Accreditation Committee (Cofrac) on the basis of national quality standards.

It confirms that the system complies with national quality standards.

These standards includes 7 requirements and 32 quality indicators, which are assessed by a certified organisation.

Qualiopi provides a common framework for all training stakeholders, creating a high standard for all stages of training.

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