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As a Sage Development Partner, Deveho Consulting Group publishes standard localised versions of Sage X3. We offer a catalogue of localised versions of the Sage X3 core.

Our localised versions cover taxation requirements and local practices.

They also provide pre-configured parameters to ensure compliance with legal constraints and local accounting rules.

In partnership with a renowned auditing firm, we offer legal intelligence and make provisions for changes by providing regular updates for our localised versions of Sage X3.

As a Sage Development Partner and member of the Sage Early Adopter Program, we benefit from new versions of Sage X3 ahead of the game, as part of the Sage roadmap.

With advisors follow the legal requirements on those markets and provide solutions to be compliant with the local laws.

Our catalogue of localised versions:


The Netherlands


  • VAT declaration    VAT reports (preparatory & legal) + Tax codes
  • EU sales report      EU sales report and XML format (ICP declaration)
  • EU Intrastat            Declaration of Goods exchange within EU countries in XML format
  • Audit file                   Audit file XAF



  • XML file for VAT declaration.
  • ICP declaration vs Digipoort.



On 15 December 2023, a set of modifications to the RO E-Transport System entered into force. Prior to publication of EGO no. 115/2023, the RO E-Transport system only applied in the case of the road transport of goods with high fiscal risk performed within Romania. This included various reporting obligations for entities involved in transactions with and/or the road transport of such goods.

However, with the new publication, the scope of the RO E-Transport system has been expanded to also include a reporting obligation for the international road transport of goods. Those transports shall be reported regardless of the nature of the goods (i.e., not only for goods with high fiscal risk).

Although the measures regarding the reporting of the international road transport of goods already came into effect on 15 December 2023, sanctions for non-compliance with the new obligations regarding the international road transport of goods enter into force as of July 1, 2024.

The obligation to declare in the RO E-Transport System the data related to the international transport of goods rests with the following users:

  • The recipient listed in the import customs declaration or the sender listed in the export customs declaration, as applicable, for goods subject to import or export operations;
  • the beneficiary in Romania in case of  intra-community acquisitions of goods;
  • the supplier in Romania, in the case of intra-community deliveries of goods;
  • the depository, in the case of goods subject to intra-community transactions in transit


  • Electronic invoicing

As of 01.01.2024, e-invoicing is mandatory in Romania. All companies established in Romania, including non-resident taxpayers registered for VAT purposes in Romania, should report all their B2B and B2G transactions using the RO e-Invoice system.

The e-invoice is the invoice that is issued, sent and received in a structured electronic XML format, which allows it to be processed electronically and automatically by the RO e-invoice system.

When the validation is completed, the system automatically generates a response and, if the validation was successful, the signature of the Ministry of Finance is applied. This ensures that the content of the invoice hasn’t been altered.

The paper version will only be allowed until 30 June 2024 and only if the supplier or beneficiary is not yet registered in the RO e-Invoice Register.

After 1 July 2024, only invoices issued in electronic form and in XML format will be accepted for the purposes of VAT deduction.

Non-compliant businesses risk fines and disallowance of VAT deductions.

Taxpayers should prepare in advance for compliance with these obligations.

Deveho with Sage X3 is ready for the new e-invoice reporting system.

  •  Fiscal declarations 

300 form – monthly/quarterly VAT declaration, 390 VIES form (EU transactions) and 394 form (Domestic transactions) management.

  • Electronic declarations     

Electronic declaration (XML files) for declarations 300, 390 & 394.

* VAT Declaration 300 Minor update on 300 VAT declaration structure – new version ( update version in XML: V8 to V9).

  • Tax on Payments                   

Compliance with tax on payments new regulations (2013).

  • VAT reports                             

Summary of VAT per each rate and VAT journals (Sales Journal, Purchases Journal, VAT on payment Journal).

  • VAT numbers

 Check business partner’s VAT numbers thru webservice to Romanian Tax Authority.

  • Tax on Payments                     

Consultation of BPs applying VAT on payment.

  • EU Intrastat                             

Regulatory report for declaration of Goods exchange within EU countries in XML format.

  • SAFT                                           

The Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) is an international standard for the electronic exchange of accounting data between taxpayers and tax authorities. SAF-T reporting is cover detailed information extracted from the taxpayers accounting books on receivables, payables, fixed assets, inventory, tax regime of the transactions and common data.

  • Exchange rate

Romanian National bank exchange rate (for daily and closing booking) – automatic XML file import in X3.

  • VAT number

Unique identification number control of business partners to avoid duplication.



  • Implementation of Purchase E-Invoice in Romania – required by law from July 2024.
  • E-Transport system – expected availability within the 2Q 2024.
Czech Republic


  • VAT

The Czech Republic introduced updates as of 1st January 2024 concerning tax rates. The number of VAT rates is reduced to the basic 21% (normal rate) and the 12% (reduced rate). Instead of previously used 21% (normal), 15% (reduced) and 10% (super reduced).Selected goods and services will be moved from the reduced to the basic VAT rate.

Impact on SAGE X3 is on Domestic rates only, where:

  • Normal VAT rate – no change.
  • Reduced VAT rate – update on rate from 1.1.2024.
  • Super reduced rate – cancelled from 1.1.2024.


  • VAT reporting                                     

VAT declaration (preparatory / legal reporting+ xml)

  • EU sales reports                                 

SH DPH declaration (printout + xml)

  • Domestic transaction reports

KH DPH declaration (printout + query + xml)

  • FDE reporting                                     

Financial data extractions -BL reporting

  • EU Intrastat                                           

Declaration of Goods exchange within EU countries in CSV format

  • Daily rate                                               

Daily rate National Bank CZ automatic import



  • VAT : KVDPH – Control statement

The financial administration office of Slovakia has prepared a new version of the current sample of the Control statement for value added tax (KVDPH), which is available from July 1 2023.

Slovakian authorities update the VAT related declarations and reports usually with the new year. The available documentation have been reviewed and there are no changes coming with the new year 2024 that would impact Sage X3, if any changes we will inform you.


  • VAT reporting

VAT declaration (preparatory, legal report)

  • EU sales reports

EU sales report (SVDPH form + XML)

  • Domestic transaction reports

EU sales report (KVDPH form + XML)

  • EU Intrastat

SLO Declaration of Goods exchange within EU countries in XML format.



  • Translation of  SAGE X3

In the Q4 we performed a major review on the Hungarian translations where we reviewed 300+ functions together with the menu items.


  • VAT reporting

VAT declaration (xml)

  • EU Sales/Purchase Statement 

15A60 declaration

  • Transactions reporting

NGM decree report (xml)

  • RTIR (Real time invoice reporting)

Real-Time Data Services

  • Financial data extraction reporting (FDE) 

Reporting Statements

  • NGM decree

Audit financial data extraction management

  • Preparation

Chart of accounts, group of accounts, pyramids, journals.

  • Moroccan VAT

A standard rate of 20% and reduced rates of 7%, 10% and 14%.
VAT report.
VAT booking.

  • Settlement of customers by draft

Specific automatic document set up for the management of discounts.

  • Customised financial statements

Balance sheet, journal, balance sheet assets and liabilities, income statement.

  • Taxes & VAT

VAT declaration.
VAT reports (preparatory & legal) + tax codes.

  • Intrastat/ESD

EU Intrastat : Declaration of Goods exchange within EU countries in CSV format.

  • Electronic reporting to Tax inspection

Invoices and Delivery Notes: Files to report register of Invoices to i.SAF and Delivery notes to i.VAZ subsystems.

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