Sage X3 Implementation services

DEVEHO Consulting Group delivers the highest level of strategic Sage implementation while simplifying business processes and ensuring applications. Sage X3 offers all the control you need at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional ERP implementation. ERP software implementation has many benefits. It can improve business performance, data integrity, organisational compliance and interaction between your projects, teams and offices.

Deveho Implementation know-how

ERP software implementation has many benefits. It can improve business performance, data integrity, organisational compliance and interaction between your projects, teams and offices.

Our team has extensive multi-legal, multi-fiscal and multi-lingual capabilities with comprehensive experience in international project implementation and delivery.

With more than 15 years of experience in Sage X3, our focus areas cover all aspects of implementation.


  • Project management & control
  • Experienced team
  • Fast & Efficient implementation
  • Reduced project costs

Sage X3 Implementation

To achieve a successful implementation within the estimated lead time our methodologies are based on the following principles:

Project management methodology

Our methodology is adjusted to the type of project: starting from small projects with “Fast Start” approach to the most complex multi-legislation and multi-company implementations.

Our methodologies are based on the following principles:

  • Use the standard set-up to deploy the solution for flows and the main management functions.
  • Adapt the system based on business rules specific to your needs.
  • Customise the solution for strategic functions.
  • Use the solution in a manner suited to your business functions.

Deveho is working with standardised tools and documentation to guarantee the best project governance (RACI matrix for each task, JIRA ticketing system adopted for the project, scope and deliveries and risks management, budget follow-up)



The design phase starts with a formal presentation of Sage X3 standard flows and concepts to the project team. The objectives of the design phase are :

  • based on the standard functions, validate their full adequacy with the customer’s business and requirements.
  • In case of gaps with the requirements, define the best solution to complete the standard functions, ensuring the maintainability towards the standard.
  •  Inventory of the interfaces required, data migrations and reports
  •  Deliver design documentation agreed by all parties, in line with the agreed budget.

The design of the solution is the base for the setup and communication with the users.

We are providing our expertise and templates to gather the data, and transfer as much knowledge as possible about the solution to the key users to feel confident with the future ERP solution.


Our technical team performs the installation of Sage X3 on the infrastructure delivered by the customer, but Deveho can also provide the infrastructure and the hosting services through several partnerships with OVH and AWS.

Set Up

Based on our deep Sage X3 expertise and on the Design, we are delivering the setup which reflects the customers business processes and requirements.

To secure and simplify the data migration from the legacy software, we are providing the templates for static data migration (BP’s, Charts of Accounts, Products…) as well as for data streams (opening balances, open items, transactions).

  • Use the standard setup to deploy the Sage X3 core solutions for flows and main management functions.
  • Advanced customisation of the core solution meeting the specific business requirements of our customers.

Once the solution is set up, we assist the customer to validate the Sage X3 solution. This phase ensures that all the solution designed fits with the daily actions that will take place after the Go Live :

  •      Execution of the flows based on the customer’s data
  •      Execution of the interfaces with tierce applications
  •      Data migrations validation
  •      Reporting adequacy
Go live

Once the UAT phase concludes to green light for going live, we build the production solution and synchronise with all the protagonists to guarantee a smooth and serene go live :

  • Dry Run if necessary
  • Final data migrations
  • Go live assistance the first weeks of being operational

Sage X3 customisation

  • In depth parametrisation of Sage X3 using its built-in tools: hundreds of parameters, transaction, screens adjustment, visual processes, workflow engine, …
  • Development and implementation of new functions in Sage X3 or specific customisation of standard ones.

Crystal Reports development

Enhance your reporting with Crystal Reports:

  • hundreds of ready-to-use reports included with our core setup
  • specific customisation of our standard reports
  • great scalability : make your reports as simple or complex as you want
Interfaces with external systems
  • Design and implementation of interfaces with external or internal systems used by our customers:  e-commerce, logistic operators, WMS, other business partners
  • Using Sage X3’s open architecture and built-in tools: text or xml files, webservices, API
Complementary solutions

Being a Sage X3 integrator, Deveho regularly deploys a vast range of interfaces with third-party solutions. Deveho has a strong experience with various software’s of the market, or with in-house applications.

Our external partners (Yooz, Basware, Youdoc….) can provide complementary solutions and know-how to enhance your business


Data migration

Map your existing data and easily migrate it to Sage X3

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