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MSV 2022

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MSV 2022

Czech Republic, 4-7 October 2022 – The DEVEHO Consulting group, specialist in implementing digital business solutions for Sage,  was pleased to participate in the international engineering fair MSV, in Brno, Czech Republic. MSV is the Central Europe’s biggest trade fair.

Central Europe, and the Czech Republic especially, where we’ve been working since 10 years, are of prior importance for our activities. Therefore, to take part at MSV was the occasion for us to extend our presence in the Czech market, and to highlight our ERP solutions, which are our prior importance for local SMEs facing Industy4.0 and digitization challenges.

About DEVEHO Consulting Group

DEVEHO Consulting Group has become over the years a real expert in the Sage solutions which are at the core of our digital offer. Today, the company supports more than 180 customers in different industrial sectors and more than 90 people in our 11 international offices (France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, and Morocco).

We know by experience that our solutions are adpated to the needs and challenges of  Czech and Central European SMEs.

About MSV 2022

We came to Brno to participate in the international engineering fair MSV, where we shared a stand with the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce / Francouzsko-česká obchodní komora and the CCI of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to present our solutions and expertise.


A real impact

MSV 2022 is now behind us. Our participation at the biggest engineering fair in Central Europe enable us to make new connections and explore new opportunities that will help us to extend our activities for the long term period.

Industry4.0 and digitization is getting more important for many SMEs in Central Europe and Czech Republic.
Yet, these SMEs need advice and solutions that are at the same time ambitious and adapted to their needs. Serving companies with our ERP solutions, to help them address their digitial challenges at the right scale and their own timing, is our know-how.

Therefore, we look forward to continue this approch and develop nurturing our connections we have made at MSV. Further to help SMEs in Central Europe beyond to optimise and maximise their potential.

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