Sage Youdoc

Sage Youdoc automates the capture of your documents, whatever their nature, type or format, and organises filing to facilitate their search and quick access from Sage applications.

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Benefits of SAGE Youdoc

Digitalisation and automation of business processes e.g. the purchasing chain

Automatic enrichment of management data

Direct access to the document base from Sage X3, FRP 1000 and XRT

Reduced access and search times

Decrease in data entry errors and data loss

Intuitive and ergonomic document search

Reduction of processing times by automating validation circuits

100% web-based solution facilitating implementation and fast ROI

Compliance with the standards and legislation in force (security, recognition of the written word, probative value, right to oblivion)

Reinforced audit trail thanks to digital traceability

Main features of SAGE Youdoc

Ideally suited to the management of the purchasing chain, Sage Youdoc automates the management process, reduces operating costs while speeding up payments. It secures the storage of all documents that are always accessible from your IS in compliance with standards and legislation.

  • Business applications for dematerialising supplier invoices
  • Automation of processes from acquisition to payment
  • Automatic content acquisition (LAD / RAD) from multi-format documents
  • Indexing of the textual content of documents
  • Definition of business classification plans
  • Direct integration with Sage solutions
  • Enrichment of management data
  • Multi-criteria search by dynamic filters or keywords
  • Automation of validation circuits
  • Traceability of treatments and events
  • Circulation and sharing of documents by e-mail, via URLs or by local download, with the possibility of annotation and version tracking
  • Centralised and secure archiving in compliance with current standards

Sage Youdoc

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Sage Youdoc , integrated with Sage X3, enables electronic document management to facilitate the purchasing chain.