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SERGE FERRARI International expertise for international challenges

"We chose the Deveho Consulting Group for its international expertise and also for its ability to implement business Add-ons around Sage X3. Deveho presents a real technical ease in all fields where our ambition leads us." _ Richard Berlande - CIO of Serge Ferrari.

The Serge Ferrari Group designs, develops and manufactures innovative composite fabrics for light architectural and outdoor applications.

From the outset, the company has positioned itself as a technological leader, with the ambition of accompanying the creativity of architects and designers throughout the world. The results have lived up to this ambition, for example with the invention of the unique patented pre-stressed process. The Group’s 5 research centres keep this tradition of inventiveness alive, in tune with expectations and trends.

Serge Ferrari is a pioneer in the digitalisation of processes. “The company chose to equip itself with an ERP system in 2005, for deployment in 2008, to manage its production and corporate processes. At a time when the company had no more than 200 people!”

Richard BERLANDE – Director of Information Systems.


In addition to the 2,000 key accounts served directly, the subsidiaries in the countries serve the distributors. However, the technical textile industry sector concentrates strong business problems at the level of the subsidiaries, particularly in terms of purchasing flows, sales flows and even logistics.

The project to strengthen the management of the logistics perimeter is also taking place in a context of accelerated growth for Serge Ferrari, with an international and above all multicultural dimension that is becoming increasingly marked.

The interest of Sage X3, from an international perspective, is its multi-legislative capacity. The solution can handle the simplest as well as the most complex country issues.

“We chose Deveho Consulting for its clear international orientation. They have a real technical ability in all the fields where our ambition takes us.
We benefit from a very high level of support but also from a regular transfer of skills.”

Richard BERLANDE – Director of Information Systems.

Deveho makes administrators grow in autonomy and focuses on international expertise, its added value.


Deveho has a real expertise in international business and also in its ability to address business issues around Sage X3. This project is a good example of our motto: “helping our customers go further”.

We master the regulatory issues related to tax problems. We also have good expertise in good management practices and parameterisation in Sage X3. Finally, our strength lies in our ability to engage globally while having local resources to support change in multi-cultural contexts. A “GloCale” approach in short.

Transferring the solution from Italy, allowing all the teams to take ownership of it, understanding the very specific business issues and envisaging the appropriate solutions, supporting the client by providing the right skills.

A perfect example of the projects we deliver with Sage X3: supporting a family-owned, disruptive and innovative SME with a strong international focus. The key factors for success are: understanding each other, working in confidence, committing to the long term and enabling the client to continue its development.

We have many challenges to meet. After having carried out the first Sage X3 deployment in Japan, we are going to have to attack specific countries such as Germany and Poland. And we must remain proactive to anticipate Serge Ferrari’s strategic orientations.


Alain GARCIA – ERP Project Manager.

The implementation of Sage X3 meets a need for stock optimisation, gains in reactivity, more reliable forecasts and improved satisfaction of our distributor customers.

We were interested in Sage X3 because of its excellent reputation for robustness. Its functional coverage is very satisfactory. And the TCO of the solution is relatively easy to anticipate and control. Especially in a SaaS access configuration.

We are deploying a full Cloud solution on multiple continents and in multiple jurisdictions. Sage X3 is deployed in three instances, each hosted on a specific platform (Europe, Asia, United States). This organisation allows us to respect the regulations in force on the different continents, by confining the data emanating from the respective platforms.

For the time being, Sage X3 is being implemented in France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan. And soon in Poland and Germany. The modules in place are logistics, customer relations and financial management.

The ability to handle the regulatory and even cultural context of this long-distance projection is a demonstration of the flexibility of Sage X3. However, it was clearly very important for us to be accompanied in this largely unknown field by a real expert in long-distance projection.

Arnaud MENGIN – Financial Director of Serge Ferrari

By tracing the use of each reel, Sage X3 helps us to discern the actual availability of each stored reel. It is obviously not the same if we have a full reel, with 300 metres of material, or a reel that is almost completely consumed, on which there are only a few metres of membrane left.

The solution organises the cutting plan with the aim of better serving our customers, while optimising the available stock. The preparation process includes this essential step.

It often happens that a subsidiary has an interest, for reasons of reactivity, in having a customer order delivered directly by its supplier, without going through its stock. Sage X3 knows how to manage this, i.e. to invoice products that have never entered the subsidiary’s stock.