Sage Web Scheduling

Sage X3 Web Scheduling is a complete web-based scheduling solution that optimises your production plans, reduces your preparation times, synchronises your production line and respects your delivery dates.

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Benefits of Sage Web Scheduling

Sage X3 Web Scheduling synchronises the entire production chain, starting with customer and production orders, identifying material and tool constraints and bottlenecks. Thanks to dashboards that facilitate analysis and simulations, you can effectively manage changes in priorities by developing optimised production sequences.

  • Multi-constraint scheduler and create multiple simulations
  • Create feasible and optimised production plans in Sage X3
  • Meet delivery dates while using manufacturing resources as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Reduction of non-productive time
  • Synchronisation of the entire supply chain
  • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks and missing materials or resources
  • Improved responsiveness to unforeseen events
  • User-friendly and customisable web interface for building plans, monitoring and making adjustments
  • Simulation creation with multi-simulation analysis according to scenarios based on different heuristics
  • Configurable detailed reports for simulation analysis

Main features of Sage Web Scheduling

Multi-simulations, Algorithms & Heuristics
  • Multi-simulation analysis
  • Creation of scenarios based on different heuristics with multiple planning parameters: planning horizon, fixed period, management of significant constraints (materials, campaigns, teams, tools, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of production plan by running the planning algorithm
  • Compare, modify or delete simulations
  • Dedicated analysis reports to select the most suitable plan
  • Graphic Representation
Simulation analysis: Production Gantt
  • Display of all planned orders loaded in the production plan
  • Representation of production operations planned on a resource with graphic display of information specific to the operation to which they refer
  • Automatic display of dependencies with previous and next operations
  • Additional detailed pop-up information window: order details, production details
Powerful and configurable report manager
  • Detailed and configurable reports for the analysis of each simulation
  • List of all production operations to be planned including related information: Item number, programmed order quantity, produced quantity, due date
  • Resource Gantt: detailed view of planned operations on the selected resource
  • Time commitment of all scheduled orders



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