Cloud & hosting

With Sage Business Cloud X3 now available in the cloud, you can benefit from top-of-the-range cloud-based management and security functions, without the complexity and cost of conventional systems.

Sage X3 can be implemented in “on premise” (on site) mode or hosted mode (private cloud or public cloud). Sage X3 introduces a range of new technological components that are recognised as the best and most forward-looking choices in the industry for multi-browser and mobile usage, search speed, web service development, cloud database integration and document management.

Superior functional scope and integration

Don’t compromise on business functionality for cloud technology. Sage X3 manages all of your processes, from finance to distribution and production, via a unique integrated cloud solution. The result is streamlined operations, real-time information on your activities, and improved performance.

Superior support for global organisations

Don’t let cloud solutions limit your ambitions to expand. Sage X3 supports the management of distributed and international operations, managing complex organisational and reporting structures (multi-company, multi-site, multi-manufacturing mode, multi-ledger and multi-legislation).

Built for industry-specific operations

Don’t be limited by one-size-fits-all cloud solutions. Sage X3 is tailored for the manufacturing, distribution and service industries, providing extensive and ready-to-use functionality that will enable you to manage your operations faster and improve performance.

Superior flexibility and customisation capabilities

Don’t let technology drive your business requirements. Sage X3 is extremely flexible and can be adapted to your business-specific processes and workflows. You can also use the solution within your own private infrastructure (on site or hosted by a partner) without any loss of data or functionality.

Superior security, performance and scalability

Not all cloud solutions are created equal. Sage X3 builds upon the world-leading Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure to deliver the most scalable, reliable and secure cloud platform, as borne out by the numerous certifications that it has received and its strict compliance with various guidelines and regional laws on confidentiality.

Universal web
and mobile access

Mobility is not the preserve of senior managers. With Sage X3, all users benefit from secure access, from any browser or mobile device, to all of the data and functions in the system, regardless of their location and on a range of widely-used terminals. The HTML5 interface ensures an intuitive browsing experience and allows for easy personalisation by users.

Reasons to choose OVH


OVH offers a vast range of IT services for businesses: from web hosting to virtual data centres, dedicated servers, storage solutions and xDSL and VoIP connections, all services benefit from continuous innovation and are regularly enriched with new features.

A proprietary worldwide network

OVH’s international reach is primarily based on its proprietary network, through which it delivers flawless quality of service. This ultra-secure network, with guaranteed bandwidth, offers a unique advantage in today’s hosting market.

Customer service enthusiasts

At OVH, the phrase “always at your service” is the basis for a true commitment. From your very first conversation with the support team, you will be interacting with advanced users who will bring their technical expertise to bear in helping you to choose the right solution.

Optimising your expenses

Most competitors manage only the hosting service itself. The manufacture of servers is therefore outsourced; data centres are rented from third parties, as is the network, provided on a turnkey basis by subcontractors. Consequently, it is difficult to guarantee rates for services and to maintain these at a competitive level. At, the cost structure has been rationalised to the fullest.

Decidedly independent

OVH is a family-owned, financially independent company that has chosen to reinvest all of its profits in its development.

Reasons to choose cloud-based Sage X3


  • Ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Faster deployment
  • Faster delivery of new features


  • On-demand access to functionalities
  • Always up to date with the latest version
  • Simpler software management
  • Less demand on IT resources
  • Low and predictable costs


  • No start-up investment
  • Reduced demand on in-house staff
  • Customisation compliant with the upgrade path
  • Reduced infrastructure costs

About OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a global cloud provider that specialises in delivering industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions to better manage, secure, and scale data. OVHcloud provides a smarter alternative for web hosting, emails, bare metal servers, hosted private cloud, hybrid and public cloud solutions. The group manages 30 data centres across 12 sites in 4 continents, manufacturing its own servers, building its own data centres and deploying its own fibre-optic global network to achieve maximum efficiency. Through the OVHcloud spirit of challenging the status quo, the company brings freedom, security and innovation to solve data challenges – today and tomorrow. With a 20-year heritage and a solid European foundation, OVHcloud is committed to developing responsible technologies, as the group strives to be the driving force behind the next cloud evolution.